Herbots Tee 300g

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Tea for champions

Purifies the organism and the organs


Purifying the organism and the organs is very important for maintaining a good condition, during the racing season as well. That is why tea is so important!
This applies to the intestinal flora, the liver and the kidneys in particular. An overload is possible as certain negative substances are building up in the organism. This is a medically explicable phenomenon after every labour. Herbots tea is the perfect solution to evacuate these downward substances as quickly as possible. A home-made composition that is unique in the entire pigeon tea range.

Composition :

Borage, White dead-nettle, Boldo, Marigold, Star anise, Yarrow, Chinese Rhubarb, St Johns’ wort, Hazel, Fenugreek, Sarsaparilla, Plantain, Tansy, Siberian Ginseng, Ash leaf, Cat claw, Echinacea Sage, Eucalyptus

Instructions for use:

2 tablespoons of Herbots tea per liter of boiling water, leave for 15 minutes and drain. Let it cool and it is ready to dispense.
- During the racing season: every fortnight for 2 days.
- During the moulting period: at least twice a week
- 1 month before the start of the season: give the tea during one week (health cure)